Nobumasa Akiyama

Nobumasa Akiyama

Dr. Nobumasa AKIYAMA is the Dean of the School of International and Public Policy, and Professor of International Relations at the Graduate School of Law at Hitotsubashi University.

 He is also an Adjunct Research Fellow at Japan Institute of International Affairs.

Before appointed to the current position, he served as Minister-Counsellor at the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna and Special Advisor to Ambassador on Nuclear Security from April 2016 to March 2018 when he was on loan to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

 His other professional appointments included a member of the Public Security Examination Commission of the Ministry of Justice, the International Group of Eminent Persons for a World without Nuclear Weapons, launched by Prime Minister Fumio KISHIDA, and Advisor to the Japanese delegation to the NPT Review Conferences since 2000.

Recent publication includes : “’No first use’ in the context of the U.S.-Japan Alliance,” Asian Security, (2021), “AI Nuclear Winter or AI That Saves Humanity? AI and Nuclear Deterrence,” Joachim von Braun, Margaret S. Archer, Gregory M. Reichberg, Marcelo Sanchez-Sorondo, eds, Robotics, AI, and Humanity (Springer, 2021), “Atoms for Alliance Challenges: Japan in the liberal international nuclear order,” Yoichi Funabashi and G. John Ikenberry, eds., The Crisis of Liberal Internationalism: Japan and the World Order, (Washington, DC, Brookings Institution Press, 2020), and “Japan’s Nuclear Disarmament Dilemma,” Gorge P. Schultz and James Goodby, eds., The War That Must Never Be Fought (Stanford, the Hoover Institution, 2015)